Lawn Universe Live on KUSI

Artie Rose, President of Lawn Universe recently appeared live on KUSI talk about the new lawns that are making yards look spectacular and saving homeowners lots of money! See a few of these incredible lawns!

  • Lawn Universe / Artie Rose with Bill Griffith on KGTV/ November 2017

Artie Rose from Lawn Universe on KGTV

Artie Rose, President of Lawn Universe, joined Bill Griffith recently to discuss how many people are saving money on water bills and landscaping costs with a beautiful new artificial lawn from Lawn Universe. Hear what homeowners are saying about Lawn Universe!

Lawn Universe Artie Rose & Bill Griffith on KGTV

Recently, Lawn Universe President Artie Rose joined Bill Griffith on ABC10/ San Diego to discuss water shortages and water rates, and how Lawn Universe is saving homeowners money while enhancing their property.

A new Lawn Universe client – live on KUSI!

Artie Rose, President of Lawn Universe, is joined by his project superintendent, Diego, to tell us about how quick and easy a Lawn Universe installation can be, and how dramatically it changes the look of a lawn!

Artie Rose from Lawn Universe with Mallory & Jermell on KUSI

Artie Rose, President of Lawn Universe, goes live from the backyard of his new clients, Mallory and Jermell, to show the incredible lawns that Lawn Universe is installing for clients all over San Diego County! Look at the "before" pictures, compared to the look of the lawn now!

Beautiful, lush Lawn Universe yard – live on KUSI

Is your yard covered with weeds and dead grass? Are you paying too much to try to keep it alive? See what Lawn Universe is doing for homeowners all over Southern California. Artie Rose, President of Lawn Universe, is live from a client's backyard on KUSI to show you the transformation.

Mallory & Jermell talk about their Lawn Universe lawn – live on KUSI

Mallory and Jermell lived with an ugly yard covered with waist-high weeds and dead grass. Take a look at what they have now after a Lawn Universe installation -- a beautiful, lush lawn and a great new firepit where they entertain friends and family. May you live in a world where the grass is always greener, Mallory and Jermell!

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